2021 Fruits and vegetable available to export from Turkey on Jun, 2023

Zirve engages in packaging, export and transportation of fresh fruits and vegetables. With its packaging and cold storage facilities has the capacity to export fruits and vegetables gathered from all around Turkey whole year round.

Tomato ( Salkım )

It is known as the indispensable fruit of every cuisine with its tomato, dried form, paste and sauce used directly in daily life where food, salad, appetizers are used. Tomato is a fruit brought to Europe after the discovery of America. Tomato, which has many varieties, is also a very rich vegetable in terms of vitamin A. It is also recommended to be consumed in terms of antioxidant content.

Tomato Growing Regions in Turkey

Tomato, which was produced at an average of 78% between 2016 and 2017 in the Aegean, Marmara and Mediterranean regions in our country, is a fruit that is mostly produced in the Mediterranean Region. It follows the Aegean and Marmara Regions in the Mediterranean Region. In 2013, 98% of the Mediterranean Region production was realized for table tomato production.

Tomato production in Turkey map

tomato production in Turkey takes place in most Mediterranean region. The Aegean of the Mediterranean Region is followed by the Marmara regions. Table tomatoes and tomato paste are varieties of tomatoes produced in different regions.

Tomato ( Domates )

Green Apple ( Yesil elma )

One of providing a good income in Turkey is the apple fruit species. In places where production is very well regulated, an average of 1500-2000 kg of fruit can be obtained from a decare, and in cases where the maintenance conditions are good, this amount can increase up to 3000 kg. This amount is over three tons in some countries. Turkey in apple consumption is around 20 kg per person, it is among the countries that consume the most apples in the world.

work to be produced commercially in many places locally known apple varieties Along with the widespread idea of ​​organic agriculture in Turkey have been initiated.

Apple ( Elma )

Strawberries ( Çilek )

Strawberry is a very delicate fruit. For this reason, it should be treated sensitively during the cultivation, and if possible, separate researches should be made for all conditions and needs before starting the breeding process.

Strawberry varieties, which are among the grape fruits, are frequently grown in the Mediterranean, Marmara, Aegean and Black Sea Ereglisi regions in our country. Strawberry, which is one of the plants whose fruit ripens in the shortest time, is one of the most traded agricultural products thanks to its unique aroma and smell. The scientific name of the strawberry, called Fragaria, begins to bloom between April and June. After the flowers open enough, they turn into fruit. The fruits, which are green and white at first, turn red as they ripen and their taste begins to be candied.

The leaves of the strawberry, which is called a reptile plant due to its close to the ground, are hairy. Although foods such as compote, jam and fruit juice are made from this fruit, it is also used in many desserts.

Strawberry Varieties

The names of other well-known types of strawberries, many of which are grown in our country, are Pocahontas, Red Chief, 216, Chandler, Bursa Strawberry, Mountain Strawberry, Ereğli Strawberry, Douglas, Beef, Pajaro, Hanoye, Bria, Arnavutköy Strawberry and Forest Strawberry.