futurecow case studies



Mastitis & SCC decrease in Freestall with straw bedding, milking 670 cows

Senkovo’s objective was to improve milk quality while reducing consumption of resources and increasing profitability.  Within 2 months of installing FutureCow Teatscrubber, Senkovo Farm achieved this. They experienced a drop in clinical mastitis cases from 75 to 38 and their SCC dropped from 460 to 170.  These significant reductions led to premium bonuses of $12,000/month. Senkovo was also able to shave off 2.5 hours/day from their prep time resulting in more savings.

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Mastis drop from 75 to 38

SCC drop from 460 to 38

Bonuses 12,000$USD

2.5 hours saved per day



Became a role model with Double 16 milking 250 cows

After installing FutureCow Teatscrubber, Rigid Farms reduced their mastitis cases from 10% to 2%. They also lowered their SCC to under 160 resulting in a 1% price premium. Mr Morita, owner of Rigid Farms, credits FutureCow for enabling him to fulfill his goals for excellence in dairy management and being a role model for other family dairies.

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Mastis drop from 10% to 2%

SCC Lowered under 160

1% Price Premium

Became a role model


August 2012, April 2020, USA

Farm growth with Double 36 and 100 stall rotary milking 6,100 cows

Upon install of the FutureCow Teatscrubber, Kinnard Farms was in the middle of an expansion. Without having to add any extra help in the parlor, the teatscrubber allowed them to grow from 1800 cows to 6500 cows. Kinnard Farms is now milking faster and with a lower SCC and less mastitis than with fewer cows. In 2 years, SCC went from 228,000 to 199,000. Their mastitis went from 2% to less than 1%.

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Mastitis 2% to less than 1%

SCC from 228K TO 199K in 2 years

Grew from 1800 to 6500 cows

Big expansion


June 2017, USA

Milk average increase in Tie-Stall Barn with 2 milkers and 8 machines

Upon install of the FutureCow Teatscrubber, Len-Don Farms was able to shave 30 minutes off of their prep time and add one more milking machine. They also saw a decrease in their SCC with the starting average around 289,000 and now around 84,000. Len-Don also experienced a bump in milk average. They currently hold the highest milk average in the county milking 2x with an average between 84-110lb of milk per cow.

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84-110lb Milk per cow

SCC from 289K TO 84K in 1 year

Saved 30 mins prep time +1 machine

Milk average increase



Big drop in monthly Mastitis cases in Double 30 with 3 milkers and 1 pusher

Upon install of the FutureCow Teatscrubber, Hamlin Valley was suffering from growing pains and inconsistent prep . Their initial improvements consisted of eliminating one position from the parlor by going from 4 milkers to 3. Although they eliminated a person, they still saw a decrease in prep time because of the consistent routine that had been established by using the Teatscrubber. In addition to the prep changes, they were able to lower their SCC, plate counts, and mastitis.

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Mastitis 150 down to 20 / month

SCC from 350K TO 180K in 1 year

Grew from 100 to 1900 cows

Success in 7 months

Murph Ko Farms


Huge decrease in Somatic Cell Count in Double 16 with 2 milkers and 1 pusher

Upon the install of the FutureCow Teatscrubber, Murph Ko Farms rather quickly reaped the rewards of the system. They eliminated one position per shift, eliminated towels, established a consistent prep routine, noticed faster milk let out, and improved teat-ends. Their SCC went from 249,000 to 96,000 in four years.

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 0 New Mastitis cases

SCC from 249K TO 96K in 4 years

Grew from 700 to 1140 cows

No more towels used