Turkish Agriculture

Running a successful agriculture business takes more than just hard work – you need to recognize where you are today and anticipate what’s up ahead. While every farm’s unique, there are some key things that separate the successful ones from those that aren’t.

What does it take to be a successful farmer?

More and more, agriculture is becoming an exact science.It is a never-ending science, with many angles that open up avenues leading in all directions.

The successful farmer still needs to have a love of the land, crops and cattle, and practical experience, and plenty of courage and determination; but in addition, he now needs a thorough grounding in the science of his calling.

In the future, this will be even more true.

modern solutions

Technology’s opening the door to a lot of possibilities allowing us to bring modern solutions to decade old problems.

Modern agriculture is driven by continuous improvements in digital tools and data as well as collaborations among farmers and researchers across the public and private sectors.

With over a two decade’s worth of experience in building, managing researching and producing, we know a thing or two about agriculture.

As the industries The Go-To Expert, we are proud to be aiding Turkish agriculture with a continuous love for our mission, an inquisitive know-how and a constant attention to detail.

When it comes to success, there are no shortcuts

Understanding our customers’ businesses provides us opportunities to identify solutions to help them accomplish their goals.
The largest portion of producers identified managing cost as the No. 1 factor in their success, followed relatively closely by managing production, however…



A successful agricultural business must be able to grow without being hampered by its structure or available resources when faced with increased production.



A modular farm system is composed of units or modules that are designed, sold, shipped and implemented independently but still function as a whole.



A flexible business dynamically adapts to uncertainty especially during times of crisis.This is clearly demonstrated today as the current Coronavirus crisis is unfolding.

investors & farmers

Success is the sum of details… To be successful, a farmer must know a great deal about his land and the products he plans to raise.

Every plant and animal is a complex organism. When it comes to success, there are no shortcuts… Investors and farmers who wish to succeed in the agriculture business must be thoroughly familiar with the characteristics of their product, climate, and be prepared for market fluctuations.

The dairy farmer and rancher must be acquainted with the characteristics of his cattle; their feed requirements, their breeding habits, and their common illnesses.

Additionally, a farmer should have a sense of business, be able to sell his product where and when it is most profitable, keep adequate records and above all, plan his production to take advantage of the most favorable markets.

Büyükbaş sağmal inek süt sağım sistemleri
Megalac Megafat Volac Turkiye, Promix

Turn-Key project management

We are partnering with the world’s leading Agri firms to bring you the best modular, sustainable, and flexible solutions.

Whether you are a farmer struggling to find solutions for your dairy cattle, or a health issue with your dairy cows, or an investor looking for a turnkey project management or an exporter looking to distribute your products in the Turkish market, as the industry go-to experts for over two decades we are here.

Correct animal feeding plays a vital role in animal health & in the production of safe and quality products, our ration formulation model for feeding cattle is based on the latest science to sharpen your competitive edge.

Our lamb feeds and ewes feed program allows producers to accurately determine how much feed and supplementation to provide their animals.

Our monitoring system reads your cow’s data, analyzing and uploading it into the cloud while providing you with alerts on your mobile phone or desktop. You take better care of your herd by gaining even more understanding for every single cow. Animal welfare, animal health, and heat detection increase significantly and additionally you receive early calving alerts.

Adding rumen-protected fats to your herds’ diet means more energy and essential nutrients which results in more efficient animals.

Ecocool, EcoSyl is used with grass, legumes, and cereal/legume bi-crops at risk of aerobic spoilage. It combines two unique bacterial strains in one inoculant for improved aerobic stability, giving you better quality silage to feed.

Promix is a complementary feed that is produced to ensure that businesses with sufficient own barley obtain a harmony equivalent feed.

BouMatic can supply the most suitable, automated milking system for any milking parlor.

Only to name a few…

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