The life of your dairy begins with milking cows gently, quickly and completely. 



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Milking parlours

BouMatic can supply the most suitable, automated milking system for any milking parlour. Choose from four rotary parlours, or maximise cow traffic flows and comfort with a parallel parlourHerringboneparabone and swingover milking parlours are other options. BouMatic’s crowd gates, mobile HandyFloor and sorting systems make milking even easier.


Cows can walk in, and depending on the size of the platform, finish milking by the time they’ve completed a lap or two. Rather than the milker having to walk around the parlor to attach the milking equipment to each udder, they can stay in one place and let the cows come to them!


This gives the milker a side-on vantage point of the udder. Cows can be released one at a time, too, so if one cow is moving a little slowly, all her friends don’t have to wait for her to finish.


These are the most common design used on dairy farms with smaller herds. The cattle stand at a 45-degree angle. This design offers the milker a different access point to the udder than the parallel or tandem designs, and also allows access for different types of equipment to be used.


Milk your cows by machine with BouMatic’s Gemini milking robot. Gemini milking robots can be purchased with a single box or double box. You can also buy parts for the milking robot from BouMatic. The Gemini milking robot is always equipped with the Gemini OneView management system.

The SR2 spray robot is a must have’ tool for your rotary milking system for even better animal hygiene. Contact BouMatic for information about the price of the Gemini milking robot and other costs related to robotic milking.

gemini double box süt sağım robotu

Gemini double box milking robot

The Gemini – double box robot – is a compact milking robot equipped with two stalls, side-by-side. It has a well organized technical area and one robot arm. Using an industry leading, patented system the double box robot milks two cows simultaneously between the rear legs – gently, quickly and completely.

boumatic sr2 spraying robotu

SR2 Spraying Robot

BouMatic Robotics presents the SR2: a precision engineered robot designed to prevent post milking infections. Leveraging the latest in vision programming technology, this fast and compact machine can integrate safely and effectively with your rotary milking system to deliver a higher level of animal hygiene.

gemini single box süt sağım robotu

Gemini single box milking robot

The Gemini – single box milking robot – is a compact milking robot equipped with one stall. It has a well organized technical area and one robot arm. Using an industry leading, patented system the single box robot milks one cow between the rear legs – gently, quickly and completely.


BouMatic can supply the most suitable, automated milking system for any milking parlour.BouMatic milking products are your guarantee of consistent milk yields of the highest quality. BouMatic supplies milking clawsvacuum systemsmilk pumps and liners for dairy farmers interested in quality, performance, comfort and optimal teat health for their livestock.

Boumatic kızgınlık ölçer

Heat seeker

Heat detection on modern dairies can be a challenge. Both visual observation and synchronization protocols are time-consuming, labour-intensive and costly. The harder it is to find cows in heat, the more time—and money—you lose. BouMatic’s RealTime Activity offers you an easy-to-install, easy-to-use stand-alone activity monitoring system that gives you access to the most up-to-date herd data any time. So now you can breed your cows back sooner and with greater accuracy, maximizing your herd’s profits, and saving you time!

The HeatSeeker II is available in both leg and neck styles.

Boumatic flow star max

Flow Star Max

Flo-Star MAX is the gold standard in every way that matters; performance, capacity, durability, weight reduction, milkability and comfort. It will take your dairy operation to a new level of efficiency and profitability.

The Flo-Star MAX also exists with the e-DIP system that allows automatic dipping, backflushing and desinfection of the complete cluster.

Boumatic touch point


TouchPoint is the SmartDairy in-parlour display and keypad for controlling milking and management procedures at each stall point. Designed to answer the most demanding industrial dairies, the TouchPoint detacher combines unparalleled ruggedness and technology to provide reliable and efficient tools to the operator. TouchPoint gives you full command and control of the entire milking process at each stall point.

Boumatic Smart Meter

Smart Meter

The SmartControl Meter measures and collects individual cow milk production information and delivers it to your herd management software via the SmartDairy Controller. Real time direct data output and control is provided through TouchPoint or ViewPoint controls. Available as a Stand- alone unit and in Groups or Banks.

Boumatic AM 5550

AMI 5550

The BouMatic AMI 5550 automatic detacher uses an intuitive control to manage an unrivalled list of functions. The milking point controller displays milk yield with active flow graph, cow data, milking total, milking time, all errors and alerts, as well as milk conductivity and milk temperature. The AMI 5550 works perfectly independently. Paired with SmartDairy and ID, the AMI 5550 delivers top performance herd management for a great value.

Boumatic herd matrix

Herd Matrix

HerdMetrix is BouMatic’s world class herd management software that manages vital management information for your cows in a user-friendly software package. HerdMetrix utilizes the most up-to-date parameters in herd and individual cow management. Efficient, intuitive data entry reduces time spent at the management computer and reduces user error.

Performance data can be summarized in customized management reports that you develop for your dairy. Management reports, together with the Combined Action List of the recent days’ management events, give you the ultimate tool for catching herd health issues before they start robbing you of your profits.

SmartDairy HerdMetrix will help you make the right management decision – quickly and efficiently.