8 April 2021, English, 45 Minutes


A tour of Brazilian dairies with a discussion of special challenges to profitability in Brazil with Dr. Ramos from 3RB Labs.


  • Overview of Brazilian agriculture
  • Compost barn – changed the brazilian dairy industry
  • Number 1 farm in Brazil – 80.000 liters/day
  • Holstein is the main breed between the top 100
  • Grazing is present in the top 100
  • Compost in a tunnel ventilation – heat stress is our main challenge
  • New government that is honest and knows the importance of agriculture in our GDP (Bolsonaro)
  • Brazil is a big player in agricultural commodities
  • Milk is being produced everywhere in Brazil
  • Top 100 dairies will invest to grow
  • Our government, NOW, is on our side
  • Land is not a problem
  • Commodity is not a problem
  • The biggest dairy producers in Brazil have great technology, great genetics, excellent management
  • Free stalls / compost barns – are where milk is being produced
  • The main source of forage is corn silage
  • All the technologies that are available to the world are present in Brazilian dairy farms
  • The biggest producer of milk makes Money and wants to grow!!!!
  • Growing calves with various systems
  • Individual housed calves is very common
  • Carousel and robots are present in Brazil
  • Milk production in Brazil: few produces a lot, a lot produces a few amount (typical commodity structure)
  • Top 100 dairy producers in Brazil
  • Challenges and opportunities to produce milk in Brazil
  • Brazil is big – almost one whole Europe can fit inside Brazil
  • Brazil is big, has a lot of land that is STILL available to agriculture
  • Brazil is a big player in most of the agricultural comodities
  • The use of land is becaming more and more efficient, less land needed to produce more.
  • We can do 3 crops / year
  • Amazon rainforest is preserved
  • Milk is in the Central – South region
  • Every city in Brazil has at least 1 dairy producer
  • Milk is produced everywhere in Brazil
  • Two main “breeds” – holstein and holstein x Gyr (bos indicus)
  • Milk / price seasonality
  • Price system – volume
  • Most common facility – free stall
  • Lots of agricultural practices to produce milk
  • All the technologies available in the world are in Brazil daires
  • Excellent farms with great facilities
  • Pasture is NOT the main source of forage, however is a very common system in Brazil
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